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Applied Invention is a multidisciplinary innovation company of engineers, scientists, and artists with skills in mathematics, physics, biology, electronics, mechanics, systems engineering, software development, and industrial design.

We design and build innovative technology solutions in partnership with leading companies that want to grow and adapt to rapidly changing environments. Working closely with our partners we identify an opportunity, then build and launch a solution where we lead the technology development.

We work best with companies that are:

Our relationships are confidential and exclusive. We will only work with one company in each industry.

Co-founded by Danny Hillis, our leadership consists of technology entrepreneurs that have also served in executive positions in Fortune 500 and startup companies.

Our technical expertise is diverse, ranging from computer vision; big data analytics; machine learning; and high performance computing to biotechnology; medical devices; robotics; autonomy; and systems, mechanical, and electrical engineering. Since 2000, the team’s innovations have resulted in over 1,000 issued patents.

For the past 30 years, our leadership team has worked together to develop solutions for a broad range of industries, including aerospace, agriculture, automotive, computing, healthcare, information services and manufacturing.

In addition, as entrepreneurs, members of our team previously served as founders of several successful technology companies including Applied Minds, Applied Proteomics, Metaweb Technologies, nCube, The Dark Sky Company, and Thinking Machines.

Leveraging our experience at both early stage and mature companies, we work with our partners to solve many of the challenges associated with innovation and technology transfer to market.

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Burbank, CA 91506

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